Pushull: A Powerful API for Internationalisation and App Localisation

Pushull is a cutting-edge platform that simplifies internationalisation, app localisation, and the software translation process.

With our robust API and framework connectors, financial sector organisations can integrate Pushull without hassle into existing workflows, ensuring efficient and effective translation and localisation management.

L’internationalisation et la localisation de vos applications sans effort

An application programming interface (API) includes a set of rules and tools, acting as a bridge for software applications to communicate and work together.

Pushull offers a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools for internationalisation and app localisation. Our API allows you to manage the translation of your software applications, with consideration given to different languages and cultural contexts.

Pushull Integration

With our powerful API, you can incorporate Pushull into your software development pipeline without disruption. Pushull’s capabilities include the automation of translation and localisation, facilitating data transfers without delay and optimising workflows.

Pushull supports a wide range of file formats commonly used for software translation, including gettext, JSON, XLIFF, and more.

Framework Connectors

We understand how important compatibility is in regards to our clients’ preferred development frameworks and digital environments.

Pushull provides framework connectors that enable effortless integration with popular frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue.js. Localise your apps and software easily, without disrupting your existing development processes and whilst maintaining security.

Sécurité et contrôle utilisateur

With robust security measures, including encryption and secure hosting infrastructure, we ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data. 

Organisations have complete control over user access and permissions, with the ability to fine-tune privileges based on roles and responsibilities. Through secure communication channels, detailed audit logs, and activity monitoring, we maintain transparency and accountability.

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