Interpretation Services: Bridging Language Barriers for Effective Communication

Pilcrow offers comprehensive interpretation services to facilitate frictionless communication across languages and cultures in the financial industry.

With our expertise in this field, your meetings, conferences, presentations, and events will be accessible and inclusive for participants from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

We provide professional, reliable, and culturally appropriate interpretation solutions that enable productive interactions and collaboration in any multilingual setting.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Our skilled team of simultaneous interpreters excel in real-time language conversion and are capable of providing smooth and uninterrupted communication during live events.

Whether it’s a large-scale conference or a high-stakes financial meeting, our interpreters work in tandem with cutting-edge interpretation equipment to deliver accurate and immediate language interpretation with the highest accuracy.

Consecutive Interpretation

In situations that require a more intimate setting and personalised service, including negotiations and one-on-one meetings, our team is pleased to provide consecutive interpretation.

Our consecutive interpreters will listen attentively to speakers, diligently take comprehensive notes, and deliver concise interpretations in a clear manner, guaranteeing precise and effective communication between parties.

Whispered Interpretation (Chuchotage)

Chuchotage, also known as whispered interpretation, is a method of simultaneous interpreting in which the interpreter discreetly provides translations of spoken content to an individual.

Our interpreters are able to provide whispered interpretation for clients during a variety of situations, including site visits, informal discussions, business meetings, and negotiations. During the course of these briefings, we can assist you in maintaining a natural conversation flow and we will provide you with precise, contextual understanding.

Pilcrow collaborates closely with event organisers and your team. Our goal is to make the interpretation process seamless and unobtrusive, allowing participants to focus on the content and fully engage in discussions.

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