Societe Generale - On-Site Translation for Universal Registration Document​


Collaborative Financial Translation

Since 2016, the collaboration between Pilcrow and Société Générale has broken traditional boundaries in the world of financial translation. It isn’t merely about remote work and digital exchanges; it’s a hands-on partnership in the truest sense. For the annual Universal Registration Document (URD) translation, a pivotal piece detailing Société Générale’s various operations, Pilcrow adopts an immersive approach.

Each year, a team of Pilcrow translators head to Societe Generale’s premises, working side by side with the financial communication team for six weeks. This on-site collaboration allows for immediate exchange of insights, clarifications, and feedback. Being physically present ensures that any nuances or ambiguities in the document can be directly addressed.

Beyond the tangible benefits of real-time communication, this approach fosters a deeper rapport between the two teams. Pilcrow’s translators gain first-hand insight into Société Générale’s operations and ethos, whilst Société Générale’s team benefits from direct access to linguistic and contextual expertise.

The range of documents handled by Pilcrow for Société Générale goes beyond the URD. Whether it’s a quarterly report, governance guidelines, or any other financial document, the same rigorous, collaborative approach ensures each piece is translated with precision and clarity.

In a domain where accuracy is paramount and the stakes are high, this close-knit working relationship guarantees that no detail is missed. By working closely together, Pilcrow and Société Générale have forged a partnership that transcends transactional exchanges, emphasising mutual growth, understanding, and a shared dedication to excellence.

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