Connecting the world of finance through language

Connecting the world of finance through language


With a proven track record of providing high-quality translations and a thorough understanding of the financial industry, Pilcrow has become a trusted partner to some of the leading companies in the sector.

Pilcrow offers a complete language solution, including interpretation, voice-over, subtitling, certified and sworn translations, as well as copywriting services, ensuring that our clients can communicate effectively in any language and in any medium.

“Pilcrow’s expertise in financial communications has always been on point.”
EMEA Head of marketing
“It is always a pleasure to welcome Pilcrow's translation team in our offices every year. Their expertise and dedication have been a great addition to our team!”
Société Générale
Financial Communication Department


Our translators understand local regulations, institutions, and cultural differences


We will always endeavour to deliver your project on time


Our standard of practice is aimed at protecting your information


We adapt our processes to meet your requirements

Dedicated team

We keep the same team members on all your projects

Simultaneous, consecutive, relay and whispered interpretation

Pilcrow partners with professional interpreters all across Europe specialised in a wide range of sectors within the financial industry, as well as other fields such as and not limited to energy, transport, law and sports.

Our professional interpreters are thoroughly tested and abide by Pilcrow’s standards of quality. They will always be provided with the required supporting material and background information for the job.

Equipment and technician

Pilcrow can provide the equipment required for your event. Our technician will always bring spares, test the set-up, and provide support. All you have to do is start talking and we will take care of the rest!

Subtitling and text animations

Thanks to our internal subtitling and video editing team, Pilcrow provides fast turnaround and direct contact with the professionals handling your content.

From “classic” subtitling to dynamic text animations, your dedicated project manager will propose an action plan which preserves the intent of your messages and the quality of your multimedia material.


In addition to subtitling services, Pilcrow works with a number of professional voice actors across Europe. From your script and marketing brief we will propose multiple profiles and voice samples. 

Content writers in your sector of activity and target market

Be it print, web or multimedia, your content aims to promote your company internally and externally.

It is through a thorough assessment of your firm’s identity, sector(s) of activity and international strategic challenges that we ensure that your content is in line with your intention, strategy and audience.

Working and advising when and where your company needs it

On the same basis as any of our services, all of Pilcrow’s contributors go through a rigorous selection process.

All our contributors are selected, tested and classified according to their expertise at a segment level. No matter the subject-matter, Pilcrow will provide the right profile for your project.

Translating your visual content

Working with graphic layouts can be a real challenge, especially when integrating a foreign translation back into your template.

Pilcrow can translate directly from InDesign documents and in-house graphic designers can make the necessary adjustments post-translation to ensure the delivery of content which is ready for publishing.

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As long a you are not using Adobe Experience Manager which everyone knows is an overpriced incompatible money pit hole and only there to please compliance departments , WE ARE THERE! 

Who are we ?

Pilcrow Language Services is a boutique translation agency founded by Nadia and William in 2014. Thanks to an amazing in-house team, world class linguists and clients who supported Pilcrow from day one, they have grown to be a recognised language service provider in the financial services.

To date, they have provided translation services to nearly 200 clients across an extensive range of industries, with a focus on the financial sector.

Why Pilcrow?

Before the modern convention of paragraph breaks, the pilcrowwas used to mark the beginning of a new idea or concept. Like the pilcrow, we mark the start of something new: a fresh chapter in your global reach.

Our mission

Translation should not be a burden on your workflow and resource management. At Pilcrow, we help you roll out quality content across various channels, ensuring clear and diverse communication.

Pilcrow is a partner and an essential part of our clients strategy

Nadia Haenel, co-founder & Director France 

Nadia Haenel

Director France and co-founder

William Hartley

UK Director and co-founder

Elsa-May Francis

Project Manager


Project Manager

At Pilcrow, we help you roll out quality content across various channels, ensuring clear and diverse communication.


Our core expertise
We translate technical and editorial content to bridge the gap between languages and cultures in a global market.


We draft your content from scratch to reflect your corporate identity and communicate clearly and strategically directly into the language of your choice.

Graphic design

We work directly in InDesign to deliver translated content with an impeccable layout, ready for publishing.

Video editing

Our in-house video editing team works with talented voice actors and subtitlers to localise your video content.


Nadia Haenel

Nadia Haenel
Director France & co-founder

William Hartley

William Hartley
Director UK & co-founder

Deborah Cuevas Ramos

Deborah Cuevas Ramos
Head of project Management

Deborah Cuevas Ramos

Shay Giles
Project Manager

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